Monday, June 23, 2008

Conference Day 2

Its was bug day. Really. I learned about emergency mosquito control, (little tiny condoms?) and bed bugs, (still itching thank you very much) oh, and ticks. I've had a few drinks too. Wonder what I'll be dreaming about tonight? Mosquitos riding around on giant engorged ticks, and if I so much as imagine a bed bug I may have to sleep in the car. Not really, I'm staying with a clean freak. I'm pretty sure she goes along behind me with a bleach rag....... Anyway, I learned a couple things today. If you take your own lunch to the Westin you won't have to pay $15.00 for lunch. And the bug guys are funny bunch. Guess you would have to be. I hope the next time they use two hotels someone actually asks how far apart they are. If you want to attend something at a different site, you have to miss the whole hour because theres only 10 minutes between programs and theres 20 minutes between the resorts. Duh.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The NEHA Conference

Day 1 of the conference and I only fell asleep once. Ok, it was a really brief nap. Someone surley would have noticed if I snored. I'll have to pick my subjects better. I'm hoping to hear the restaurant horror stories of other inspectors, mostly so I can horrify friends, family and the poor bastards in my food handler classes. If you can make someone with a blue mohawk and 47 facial piercings come close to tossing his cookies you've got his attention. Then again, it makes eating out way more of an adventure than it should be. Can you see the headline: "Health Inspector convention infected by tainted finger foods". Maybe I won't eat........

Saturday, June 14, 2008

These people are handling your food......

So, I've gone from being a pharmacy tech where people screamed at me all day to hurry the fuck up and why is my co-pay so high, to being a health inspector and realizing that the dregs of society are often the people handling my food. The same drug addicts that came to the pharmacy are cooking in the local diner. Although I will give them credit for having a job to support thier meth habit so my tax dollars don't have to, I wonder just what they are doing when I'm not there. Based on the boneheaded shit they do right in front of me, I don't even want to think about it. Just order something thats got to be cooked fresh and really hot. Patty melts are generally safe. Stay away from salad. Amazing how often you go in the walk in refrigerator and find meat bleeding on the salad, rags dripping on stuff, mold growing on the walls, etc. And I'm sick to death of the people who just took an order in English and then stand and stare at me like a deer in the headlights and claim "no English". Really? Then go the fuck back to Mexico, or China or bumfuck Egypt. Learn the language or get the fuck out. On the plus side, most of them don't have the guts to yell at me. They operate on whole different plain (plane?). They think that since they didn't refrigerate the meat where they came from, and maggots are just extra protien, whats the problem. And does it really matter if the beans are 90 degrees after 3 days, we're gonna re-heat 'em anyway? And for some reason the boss frowns on my giving the most honest and unambiguous answer "This is no longer Mexico" We got it fair and square a long time ago so just fucking get over it, and do it our way. Quit trying to drag us all back into the dark ages. Of course, this doesn't explain the average white american citizens who do the same thing. That I can only blame on inbreeding. The family tree of some people is just a telephone pole. Or that combined with lots of meth, so now the brain and whats left of the teeth have holes. When did teeth become optional anyway? So, the next time you sit down to that restaurant meal, look into the kitchen and smile. If they are growling at you, they are illegals who wish you would just drop the damn money and go. If they are inbred meth addicts, the smile back will not contain teeth. Now you know what to look for.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Is it the holidays or what?

If it was possible to reach through the phone line and rip out someones vocal cords, I would have done it today. And happily at that. I swear I'm done answering the damn phone anymore. We filled an rx for an expensive antibiotic a couple days ago, and the bitch about to lose her cords threw a fit because her copay was forty bucks. Versus the hundred she would have paid without insurance. So we only had 4 in stock, we sold her the whole thing and ordered the rest. Well, stupid supplier, who verified they had it, didn't bother to actually send it. I told the woman I would re-bill her insurance for 4 tablets and refund her the difference and she could get the rest somewhere else. She has screaming fucking fit and wants us to just give her the pills for free since we are such a bunch of dumbasses, who couldn't get her hardly ever used antibiotic. News flash! No one stocks a large quantity of ketek because the only docs who ever write for it just got a visit from the big boobed drug rep cheerleader, and lets face it, this town is too small for the big boob cheerleader to waste much of her time in. So we transferred the remainder across the street to a store that had 7 ketek tablets in stock. Still not enough, I'm sure she is over there having a shitfit on them too. I'm also sure she will complain about me to the corporate bozos and they will slap my hand tell me to pull a rabbitt out of my ass and produce the product for her. Funny thing, she wanted to know if we didn't have enough because of employee theft. Hahahahahaha, duh, if I were a thief I'd be sure to steal the antibiotics and not the narcotics. Stupid. Anyway, it seemed everyone took an ugly pill today. They were inpatient, beyond the norm, nasty, bitchy and generally ugly all day long. The ones on the phone were even worse. Only good thing to come of the day is the hospice patient who may actually get her pain meds instead of having them highjacked by her daughter and grand daughter. They kept reordering her hydrocodones much too soon, So soon that if she was really getting them her liver would have already failed and killed her. So just where were all those hydro's going? Taken by the kids for their own use or maybe for sale. After multiple calls to the doc, he opted for duragesic patches that the hospice nurse will apply herself every three days. I just hope those 2 leeching morons don't figure out how to use them. So tomorrow I have a huge stack of narcotics orders that can't be dispensed until the first, along with whatever else isn't done from today, and I'm thinking of taking up heavy drinking at about 4:01 tommorrow afternoon. If I don't go pharmacuetical at 8:01am. Could happen

Sunday, November 18, 2007

CAtching up

Weasel Dick
So my boss is a spineless weasel dick. I've been stewing over this for a couple of days now. In my last post I told you abouth the nutcase who won't stop bitching. Well, he's now bitched to every level of management except the byrdbrain at the top and they have all bent right over for him. In one of his phone calls to the store manager he made the "comment" that it would be shame if any of the pharmacy staff were to "get hurt". Sounds like a direct threat to me, call the cops immediately, but noooooooooo. Instead our boss rolls over for his boss and tells us to do whatever this stupid motherfucker wants. Well, kiss my lily white ass. No where in my job description does it say that I have to provide customer service to someone who threatens me. In fact, If the bastard says 1 word to me, I will call the cops, not store management, and I will take out a restraining on the asswipe. Good luck coming in the store then. But the part that gets me the most, is that the managers know that this asshole is mentally unstable, that he had to be accompanied by a case worker to his old pharmacy, and that he may not be on his meds now. They still think we should all just kiss his ass and give him whatever he wants. I think not, protecting myself from the likes of this man and his evil follower managerbots is much more important. I didn't expect anything more, I wish we had the old store manager back, at least she gave a shit about us.
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Wednesday, November 14, 2007
Have I died and this is hell?
Our pharmacists are dropping like flies and I didn't even do it. First our fastest pharmacist, I'll call her quick draw, cuz she does everything and does it fast, went on vacation for a week. See last weeks blog for death threats against the floater. So last week sucked, but then poor quick draw went and fell down while hiking in Hawaii and broke her wrist. Needs surgery , out for while, and we will have to deal with more floaters in her place. Fuck. Yesterdays floater had not worked for our brand of slave driver ever. She had to be shown virtually everything, and because of that was about as helpful as a case of hives. Today we get a different one. Things go relatively ok except for the making me run back and forth from the in window to the out window all morning, wearing me out, and making me generally bitchy and annoyed. Then he starts having chest pains. I told you I didn't do it, I'd only thought about it a couple times. Anyway, he leaves early, place explodes with scripts that everybody wants right fucking now. Like the 17 year old who showed up to get her prenatal vitamins 10 days after we had put them back on the shelf cuz she didn't pick them up last time, and she wants 'em right now. Why? Did she put the babies development on hold for a while or what. I filled five other rx's first. Penalty minutes. One old lady wasted I don't how much time flirting with the remaining pharmacist, who was not even remotely interested in being flirted with. The fact that she smelled like cat piss might have had a little to do with it. But the topper of the day was jackass who complained to management that we were not "respectful" enough. Said jackass stopped on sunday and told the tech to just fill all my prescriptions. She asked which ones, he replied that he did not know, it was not HIS responsibilty to know, just fill them all. She insisted on going through the list of meds anyway, only to find he wasn't still taking them all and half of them had no refills. He was told the doc would be contacted for refills and could not understand why we couldn't just refill them , why did we need to call the doc? So today the fucker comes in to pick up and gets annoyed because theres a line. He comes to my window demanding to know if our computer is down because the guy at the register is having to sign a log book. So I told him that the man was getting sudafed and its required that he sign a log book. The jackass wants to know why. I told him to get back in line. Maybe he heard me add stupid motherfucker as he walked away? Any how, the manager came by wanting our side of the story. We offered to transfer the guys scripts to anyone else, please please, oh wait , thats how we got him. Shit, we need to send him back to whoever wished him on us. We must have really pissed someone off. Paybacks are a bitch.
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Saturday, November 10, 2007
Yesterday must have lasted at least a hundred years. Maybe more. We still had the floater, who apparently doesn't answer phones no matter how many times they ring, how many are ringing or if you are already on one. He insisted that the only phone calls he wanted were ones that involved new scripts or couselling of patients. He has no idea how close he came to getting a phone enema. Especially when I had to keep running from one window to the other because he thinks running the tech back and forth is preferrable to him going to the window. So, I'm at the register, and theres an angry mob sniffling and coughing at the drop off window waiting for me to get back there, and I'm trying to get a persons money, signature etc, 3 fucking phones are ringing and he stands there putting labels on a bottle. In the words of Achmed, "I KILL YOU".Wanna play games, I put all three lines on hold and told him they were for him. It was that or I was going to have verbally castrate him. The customers were no better. We had long times due to the staffing issues of the day, so it was half an hour to forty five minutes minimum all day. This caused multiple bitch sessions and spread the feeble vaneer of patience I had left to the vanishing point. One person shows up with rx's for herself and her baby, shes on medicaid but no id cards, no info, just call and get it(which took 20 miutes on hold listening to a really bad endless music loop). She was snotty and had an attitude that made me want to bitch slap her. Then I find out shes staying in the battered womens shelter and the sane part of me feels really bad for her, but the part of me that just dealt with her attitude can completely understand the urge to beat the shit out of her. I know, I know, Karma's gonna get me. We were about 100 rx's behind when I left, I could easily have put in the OT yesterday, Not, no fucking way, I bailed with only 1/2 an hour OT and went out and had fun. I will go work overtime today instead. Fuck it.
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Thursday, November 08, 2007
Drama Queens
Some days just make you wanna go Uhg. Today we had a floater pharmacist. Nice enough guy, bought us all lunch, but by the time I left I was exhausted just from listening to him. Not only did he talk incessantly, hes also a drama queen. When you ask him to counsel the patient on a new medication he can't seem to just say take it with food, or take it twice a day, no, its a dissertation on the drug, its potential side effects, its other uses, its color, shape, flavor and sexual status. The patients eyes glaze over and they stare numbly wondering what the fuck is he talking about. He will finish his speech and walk away, and the patient will look at me and ask "can I take it with beer?" Meanwhile the "angry mob" waiting behind this person are all pissed off because the fast food pharmacy isn't going fast enough. One old bat, who I swear drew on eyebrows with glowing blue eyeshadow, wanted to know why the hell the pharmacist needed to do a final check on her script. Duh, I guess accuracy isn't an issue. I should have offered her a laxitive instead of the pain med, wonder if she'd notice. Speaking of bad eyebrows, another brow challenged customer was in today. Let me paint you a picture of this guy. Medium height, bald on top but kinky shoulder length hair on the bottom, wears tye dyed shirts, pants that he has cut off just above the ankle, suspenders, striped socks and jesus boots. He wears big ass glasses, and you guessed it, draws on his eyebrows. With a marker. A green marker. And he likes them to look bushy. Do you realize the internal damage I have to do to keep a straight face when he orders his meds? By the way, no psych meds at all. By now I need the psych meds.
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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Blog Me

Shit. I am exhausted tonight. My feet are screaming and I'm thinking about joining our junkie friends and mixing my darvocet with some alcohol. Do you think this will suck my brains out the way it seems to have done to so many others? Whoo hoo. I'm realizing too, that the other pharmacies in town have loads of fruit loops too, because one of them no longer handles most of the medicaid patients and many of them are turning up to darken our door. And they don't just have medical problems, they have major mental problems too. Or maybe its just the buttload of mind altering drugs they take everyday. And its whole families too. There is one family of 4 in which all of them are on the most dangerous and last resort antischitzophrenic med. How can they all be that screwed up? Did someone just stir their brains a little while they were baking? Did their mother live on a toxic waste site? WTF? And why do 8 members of 1 family all need hydocodone? To make a living of course. They probably gross more per year than the pharmacist does, and they get all of it free cuz they are on medicaid. And these are the fuckers that call every 1/2 hour for days wanting to know if their refills are ready. Bastards. Oh, and then theres the jerk faces who call me to say that the doctors office says they never got the fax, you know, the one that I have a confirmation that it did indeed go through to the doctors office and they ignored it, and when I tell them it did go through they as much as call me a liar. So next time someone insinuates that I'm lying and that I never sent the fax, I'm going to suggest they just come get the fucking request and hand deliver it themselves, then they won't have to deal with lying pharmacy techs. Of course, they may have hard time reading the request after removing it from their ass...............

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Silence! I kill You

SILENCE! I kill you. Current mood: stressed
Thanks rugrat, I love that line and I'm going to incorprate it into my daily routine. The next time I tell a customer it'll be 20 minutes for your 3 prescriptions and they start to bitch, I will yell, Silence, I kill you. Bet that'll have 'em shitting biscuits all the way to customer service. I want the first of the month moved to the middle, just to spread some of the shit around. The moon is a little too full too, and its causing the real whacko's to lose it even more. If I wore a shirt to work tomorrow that said "fuck off and die" do you think I could pass it off as a halloween costume, rather than a direct threat? Probably not. Think I'll go as a redneck. I can wear anything that way and no one will notice I actually work there. Oh yeah, today we got just abouth the grossest of too personal information we've ever had. So I will share it with you and you can be grossed out too. We have a cartoon on the wall of a very large woman, bent over to feed the cat and the cat is freaking out looking at her crotch. So this guy comes in, and he sees the cartoon and laughs. Then proceeds to tell us it reminds him of this girlfriend he had, who had an STD, that made her snatch smell so bad the cats were attracted to the bathroom even with the door closed. So, what do you say to the customer who has just told you this story? Thats nice? Eww, ick, I need a shower now, excuse me while I hurl, please don't touch my counter, are you still dating this person? Get out now. The tech who was face to face with him had this look af absolute disgust on her face, and it was too good not to laugh at. Oh yeah, I also got to be gagged to death with the smell of old pee. I had to help a little old woman who couldn't figure out her glucose meter. This means I had to sit at the same table with her and about a weeks worth of peed on clothing. Its really hard to talk while holding your breath. And and the smell sorta hangs in your nostrils for a while, making you wish you could just take a bic lighter and singe everything out of there. Or maybe a garden hose would wash it out. Vicks vapor rub? anything! SILENCE, I kill you! check out Achmed the dead terrorist on you tube. Be prepared to snort beer out of your nose.